"I just wish I had met Rosemary sooner! I have lost weight and inches and am so much healthier and stronger. My bad back has disappeared and my posture and flexibility have improved enormously. I have so much more energy these days (an unexpected bonus)." Sarah aged 52

"Rosemary's sessions are always different and always fun - even after more than two years, not to mention effective. My blood pressure is the lowest I've ever known it to be. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a personal trainer." June aged 64

"If you are looking for a personal trainer you would be hard pushed to find better than Rose. I have been training with Rose twice a week for over a year and feel fitter and definitely stronger than I have ever done, also benefiting from being more flexible too. She tailor makes your personal programme concentrating on areas you want to improve whilst all the time using her expertise to make it very enjoyable. No two sessions are the same with a wide ranging varied programme." Richard aged 57

"Rosemary completely changed my relationship with exercise and has made me value my body, understand I am much stronger and more capable than I previously thought and helped me get rid of my fear of the gym. I noticed a huge change in my fitness levels and was genuinely excited for each session. No two were the same and each one was designed to perfectly match my needs, goals and capabilities. I am so thankful for my new found love for the gym." Becky aged 28

"I met Rosemary when, as an older novice to the gym, I felt the need to vary my exercise regime. Having been diagnosed with a minor heart complaint it was vital that the structure of exercise took this into account. Rosemary is highly trained, very empathetic and makes each session huge fun. I now feel stronger and fitter and would recommend her without reservation." Liz aged 75

"I really enjoyed training with Rosemary. From the very beginning she tried to understand my expectations and lifestyle. The way she mixed the exercises and always asked for feedback were the things I enjoyed most. I am grateful to Rosemary for helping me get into the right shape, generally and for my wedding. She is a great PT and knows what she is doing and would never let you down. I strongly recommend her to anyone." Georgiana aged 34

"I have been working weekly with Rosemary for over two years. I love the variety of the workouts and the way she is able to adapt the session on the day to accommodate my frequently achy knee or back. I feel I have made progress in strength and stamina and developed an exercise habit which were my main goals. Rosemary is friendly, encouraging and makes every session an enjoyable experience." Monica aged 48

"I really enjoy my training sessions with Rosemary. I am feeling more active and combined with eating more healthily am also losing weight. A major advantage of my sessions is the building up of my leg muscles due to the strengthening exercises which have greatly improved the muscle tone. The pain I suffered due to severe arthritis in my knees has now diminished to an extent that I am no longer aware of it." Helen aged 68

"For the past four years I have been attending sessions with Rose. The sessions have always been effective, an ingenious variety of exercises tailored to my requirements. I have achieved my aim of improving core muscles, general fitness and strength. I thoroughly recommend Rose as a personal trainer." Sheldon aged 57

"This was my first experience of having a personal trainer. I was nervous but really had no need to be as Rosemary instantly put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed my six week programme, each session was tailor made and built on progress made previously. I have learnt so many new exercises and techniques. Each session I felt challenged but within my means and as a result feel physically stronger and fitter after my six weeks. I have even achieved some inch and weight loss which was a real added bonus. Thank you Rosemary, you really have kick started me to continue a healthier way of life." Sam aged 39

"I am a keen runner but wanted to improve body strength, particularly upper body. Rosemary tailors each session to suit me; it's hard work but rewarding. After I broke my arm whilst running, Rosemary worked alongside my Physio's advice to improve mobility and strengthen my arm. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Rosemary and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their strength and fitness in planned and structured sessions, tailor made for you." Anne aged 59